Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Three Fabulous Vegan Fashion Brands You'll Adore

Fashion has always been something that's excited me, and especially so over the last few years. I tend to opt for clothing and accessories that are slightly 'quirky' and my colour palette ranges from pitch black to baby pink (recently I've also been obsessed with mustard and burgundy which aren't the easiest colours to find in the middle of summer, unfortunately!). However, when I went vegan, my once-loved pieces suddenly made me feel extremely uncomfortable. My trusty Dr Martens now had a sinister sentiment behind them and all I could see when I looked at my favourite lilac leather satchel was the life of a beautiful animal, cruelly snatched away just so I could have a pretty bag. I felt sick and selfish every time I looked at all my leather, wool and suede clothes and shoes (although I wasn't purchasing any more animal-derived products, which was a start), so one day I decided to just get rid of them and start looking for conscious and cruelty-free alternatives. Going vegan meant it became a bit harder to find good quality, fashionable clothing, shoes and accessories, but I'd never in a million years change my lifestyle; why should an intelligent, sentient and caring animal be murdered simply for my (and everyone else's) enjoyment? Luckily, vegan fashion brands are becoming more and more mainstream, and eco-friendly clothing isn't the same as it was 30 years ago. It's not all hemp fabric and hippy sandals anymore (although those are totally cool and I'd definitely wear them myself!); you can now buy gorgeous and affordable cruelty-free fashion pieces which - get this - are actually up to date with current trends! Getting the hang of checking labels is difficult if you've just switched to a vegan lifestyle and aren't used to it, so to help you along your way I thought I'd share three of my favourite conscious fashion companies with you all. They're all 100% vegan so you can purchase whatever you like from them without having to double check the details!

Matt & Nat Lawrence Backpack in Petal, Matt & Nat Chubby Wallet in Mist, Beyond Skin Misty Faux Sheepskin Boots in Camel

Bags & Purses

Matt & Nat are my top choice for high quality, cruelty-free bags and purses. I've admired their products for a long time and when I saw that some of their bags are sold on ASOS I was incredibly excited (student discount, oh yeah!). As soon as I needed a new bag I grabbed the Lawrence Backpack in Petal and it's already one of my favourite things - it's super practical and absolutely adorable, and I get heaps of compliments whenever I use it. I also recently purchased the Chubby Wallet in Mist and it's gorgeous; it's extremely well made, effortlessly chic and has space for everything I need to put in it. Aside from creating beautiful products, Matt & Nat are also very vocal about being vegan, which is amazing to see. They use high quality vegan leather which ages and wears almost exactly like real leather, so there's absolutely no excuse to continue buying animal-derived pieces! As well as being cruelty-free, Matt & Nat are also eco-friendly and sustainable; the linings of their products are made solely from recycled plastic bottles so they're fab for the planet as well as your wardrobe. Prices start from about £30 so they won't break the bank, and they have colours and styles to suit men, women and everyone in between!

Shoes & Boots
Beyond Skin

I recently received some gorgeous winter boots from Beyond Skin and I'm officially in love with them. They're ridiculously comfy and cosy, and look and feel exactly like real suede boots - of course they aren't real suede though, as Beyond Skin's footwear is certified vegan by both The Vegan Society and PETA (hooray!). Beyond Skin have styles to suit anyone and everyone, whether you're into simple sandals, retro heels or chunky boots. They even have bridal footwear to make your big day as beautiful and conscious as possible! Their footwear is all made in Alicante, Spain, and everything is designed and sent out from their home in Brighton (which is basically the vegan capital of the UK, don't you know?). Beyond Skin are confident that no one is exploited during the making of their gorgeous shoes, so you can walk around safe in the knowledge that your footwear is as cruelty-free as can be!

Clothing & Accessories
VAUTE Couture

Finally, for ethical clothing and accessories, look no further than VAUTE Couture (like 'Haute Couture' but with a 'V' for 'Vegan'!). With beautiful dresses, swimwear, tops, skirts and trousers, all of which are inspired by the catwalk but without the crazy price tag, you can be sure you'll find something you adore. They also have a beautiful coat selection (anyone who has ever gone winter coat shopping as a vegan will know how exciting this is - the pain of finding wool in everything is unreal). Everything from VAUTE is eco-friendly, vegan and definitely not made in a sweatshop - what more could you want? I'd personally treat one of their more costly items as an investment, as you can tell it'll be extremely high quality and will last an age. However, some of the dresses start from about $30 so you can shop there even if you're on a budget!

Highstreet Shops

Most of my clothing comes from high street shops, and you can find a huge variety of leather-, wool-, suede-, fur- and silk-free clothing, footwear and accessories pretty much everywhere nowadays (make sure you rigorously check labels though!). Here are a few of my favourites:

ASOS (okay, I admit that the majority of my wardrobe is from ASOS - I can't help it, it's just so cheap and there's so many gorgeous things on there! Plus free delivery and returns, right?)
Urban Outfitters
Cath Kidston (watch out for their bags - most have leather trims and zips which is super annoying)
Seasalt (they use organic cotton, yay!)

Remember though - if in doubt, don't take the risk. Yes, that bag may be beautiful and yes, it'll go perfectly with that dress you just bought, but is it really worth more than the life of a defenceless creature? Nope, didn't think so. There are always cruelty-free alternatives for everything, you've just got to be prepared to do a little searching!

I hope you've enjoyed this post, I'm really loving getting more into fashion and beauty on this blog at the moment! Plant-based eating is my biggest interest but veganism is about more than just food and I'm passionate about the entire lifestyle. Please do let me know if there's anything else you'd love me to write about!



  1. I've just found your blog and it's exactly the type of read I've been looking for! You write wonderfully well, and I love how ethically conscious you are! You've got a long term reader here.

  2. Thanks for the article, you could also see www.PunkParrot.com – ethical, vegan & proanimal & feminist clothing band – with an edge ;-)


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