Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sweet Potato or Parsnip Fries

I really don't post enough lunch and dinner recipes on this blog; truthfully though, my main meals are quite boring and usually consist of quinoa or buckwheat/brown rice noodles with salad/steamed vegetables and chickpeas, or combinations like avocado on toast or peanut butter and banana on rice cakes. Sometimes my lunch or dinner is simply just a typical 'breakfast meal' (such as oatmeal, banana ice cream or pancakes). However, occasionally I feel like I need a bit of variety in my diet and when this happens I turn to one of my favourite super quick and simple additions to a main meal - fries or wedges made with either sweet potato or parsnip. Once baked, these root vegetables are so flavoursome that they don't need any seasoning whatsoever; they also both offer a hint of sweetness so you can dip them into anything you like, such as peanut butter or homemade tomato sauce. I personally prefer just eating them on their own but they're extremely versatile so let your imagination run wild! These fries/wedges are much healthier than the kind you'd usually find in fast food restaurants because they haven't been doused in cheap vegetable oil and fried to within an inch of their lives. They're fresh, nutritious and won't leave you feeling bloated or lethargic - even people who don't usually follow a 'healthy' diet or lifestyle will love them so they're definitely a good option for the dinner table when entertaining guests!

Serves 1
  • 1 medium-sized sweet potato or 2 - 3 medium-sized parsnips 
  • 1 - 3 tsp melted coconut oil (or other oil of choice)
  • Seasonings of choice, to taste (such as salt, pepper, herbs or spices)


Preheat your oven to 200°c then top and tail the sweet potato or parsnip and chop it into fries or wedges - they can be whatever shape or thickness you desire but try and make sure they're all of an equal size so they cook evenly (you don't want to end up with some being overdone and some being underdone!). Place the wedges or fries onto a baking tray and spread them out as much as possible; lightly drizzle oil over them until the desired amount has been used - start off with 1 tsp and use more if you want them slightly crispier. At this point you can also coat them in one or more seasonings of your choice if you wish.

Once the oven has heated up and your fries/wedges are ready to go simply place the baking tray on the top shelf of your oven and bake them for 25 - 30 minutes, or until they're soft and tender (the crispier you want them, the longer you leave them in there for). Check them after 25 minutes and then every minute or so afterwards.

Once they're done transfer them onto a plate or into a bowl and devour them straight away while they're still hot. Enjoy!



  1. I just made these and your paprika roasted chickpeas for lunch......SO YUMMY!!!! Especially the sweet potato fries...<3 I'm afraid I'm going to have to eat them again tomorrow, on the next day, and the next day....WHO AM I KIDDING IT'S GONNA BE AMAZIN'!!! Thanks for the recipe, I love your blog!!!! :0D

    1. I'm so glad you like them! They're super easy to make and delicious so I adore them :) haha, that sounds like a great plan, I really hope you continue to enjoy them! Thank you so much for your kind words, it means a lot to me that you like my blog :) xxx


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