Sunday, 25 May 2014

Vegan Banoffee Buckwheat Pancakes

The combination of banana and toffee/caramel is an absolute classic, similar to that of cinnamon and apple, chocolate and raspberries or avocado and toast (!). You can easily create a natural toffee-like flavour in your cooking or baking just by using dates (preferably Medjool as they're sweeter and stickier than other types) which is good news for those of you who adore the 'banoffee' flavour but don't want to compromise on nutrition. I've experimented with using banana and dates together in oatmeal, baked oatmeal and pancakes and it's never been a disappointment to my taste buds! I can honestly say that this recipe results in the best tasting pancakes I've ever made and they're definitely ones I'll have again and again.

Vegan banoffee buckwheat pancakes with raw chocolate almond butter, banana coins, dried mulberries, dessicated coconut and cacao nibs

Makes 6 - 7 small pancakes
  • 2 flax eggs (2 tbsp ground flaxseed and 6 tbsp water)
  • 3 Medjool dates
  • 1/2 cup buckwheat flour 
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1/2 cup non-dairy milk of choice
  • Oil of choice (I use coconut) for cooking


The first thing you need to do is make your flax eggs; to do this simply mix the ground flaxseed and water together in a cup and leave it in the fridge for at least 30 minutes to thicken up. 

When your flax eggs are ready you can begin making your pancakes. First, pit the dates and chop them into small pieces. Sift the flour and baking powder into a large mixing bowl and stir it all together. Mash your banana into a pulp (you can leave out a few slices for decoration if you want but you'll need to use most of the banana in the batter) then add it into the bowl along with the non-dairy milk and flax eggs. Mix well until everything is combined - the consistency should be fairly thick, similar to that of cake mixture.

Heat your oil of choice in a frying pan over a medium heat; I have a non-stick frying pan so I only have to use a tiny amount of oil but you may need to use more if you don't have one. When the oil has heated up pour about 1/4 cup of the batter into the centre of the pan and spread it out slightly with a spoon, forming a pancake shape. Let it cook for a minute or two, until bubbles start forming on the top, then flip it over and cook it for another minute or so. It should flip over easily - if it doesn't then it hasn't fully cooked (I learned this the hard way!). Repeat with the rest of the mixture, then add your toppings and enjoy!



  1. This is really DELICIOUS!!! Just made it (because I wanted to start Pancake Sunday ;-) )
    Thanks for this recipe, it is easy to make and tastes awesome!

    1. Pancake Sunday is the best thing ever! I'm so glad you liked the pancakes, thank you so much for trying them :) xxx

  2. Hi Meghan! I follow you in instagram and checked your page out yesterday for the recipes. These Banoffee Buckwheat Pancakes were yummy! For the topping, I just grabbed some tahini, t'was great! thank you for sharing.

    1. Hey lovely, I'm so glad you enjoyed them! I haven't tried tahini on pancakes before but I bet it works really well - thank you for trying the recipe :)

  3. Amazing recipe ! I will give them a try on Sunday! I was just wondering if the 6 tbsp ground flaxseeds + 2 tbsp of water makes one egg (therefore double that for this recipe) or does it make two ?

    1. Thank you so much, I hope you like them if you try them! The 2 tbsp ground flaxseeds and 6 tbsp of water makes two flax eggs :) x


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